Fasting Do's and Don't's

Fast for Democracy: Do's and Don’ts for Fasters


Before Fasting

• Consume only juice (100% juice with fruit and veggies, no fructose) for at least 1 day before you start fasting

• Make a strong commitment to your fast with a clear understanding of your purpose

While Fasting

• Drink plenty of filtered water each day (2 liters a day is a good target)

• Get plenty of rest & take it easy

• Expect to have good days, some great days, and a few not-so-good days

• Get up from lying or sitting down slowly and carefully

• Show up for your daily medical checkup

• Make sure you are urinating

• Make time for prayer, meditation, or reflection on the purpose of your fast

• Share your story of why you are fasting with others

• Share how you're feeling, emotionally and physically, with others

• Remember that the average adult can safely fast for 30 days or more

• Remember to brush your teeth

After Fasting

• Consume only juice for at least 1 day (add an additional day per week of fasting) and then light, raw foods for 1-2 days

• Gradually increase your physical activity level

• Take advantage of the opportunity for a “fresh start” to eat better, exercise more, stop bad habits, and take care of your body!

• Be proud of yourself and grateful for the experience of fasting for democracy



Before Fasting

• Eat a big “last meal” or consume excessive alcohol or other substances within 2-3 days of starting your fast

While Fasting

• Be overactive or engage in strenuous physical activity

• Get up too quickly

• Be afraid or panic about ups and downs in energy or passing symptoms (headaches, nausea, low energy, pale skin or blemishes, etc.)

After Fasting

• Eat a big meal to break your fast or until you've done 2-3 days of juice and raw, light foods (you'll regret it if you do!)

• Go right back to strenuous physical activity or hard manual labor

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